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Lygis 1



Lygis 1

Ši knyga yra 1-asis savarankiškų studijų kurso apie politinį islamą lygis.

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Lygis 1 tema Šariatas

„ŠARIATO TEISĖ NE MUSULMONAMS“ – puikus įvadas į šariato teisę. Tai taip pat – puiki lobizmo priemonė šviesti politikus, lyderius ir valdininkus.


The Life Of Mohammed: The Sira

tema Trilogija Lygis 1 tema Mahometas

This is a quick read about the man who became the first ruler of a united Arabia and laid the foundation for the empire of Islam. However, it is not just a biography; it is a sacred text of how a devout Muslim should conduct their life.


The Hadith: The Traditions Of Mohammed

tema Trilogija Lygis 1 tema Mahometas

The easiest way to learn about Islam is through the traditions (the Hadith) of Mohammed.

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A Two-Hour Koran

tema Trilogija tema Koranas Lygis 1

Now anybody can understand the Koran in a short amount of time.

Lygis 2


Factual Persuasion: Changing The Minds Of Islam’s Supporters

Lygis 2

The first book ever written about how to use the facts of Islam in persuasion and argument.


A Self-Study Course On Political Islam, Level 2

Lygis 2

This book is the second level of the Self-Study course on Political Islam.


The Doctrine Of Slavery: An Islamic Institution

Lygis 2 Tema Vergovė

The Islamic doctrine of slavery is found in the Koran and the life-example of Mohammed. You must know the Islamic doctrine of slavery before you can understand slavery.

Christians and Jews.jpg

The Islamic Doctrine Of Christians And Jews

Lygis 2 Tema Žydai Tema Krikščionys

Islam has a detailed doctrine of the Christians and Jews which comes from the Koran and Sunna of Mohammed. This doctrine explains how Muslims are to treat them.


The Islamic Doctrine Of Women

Lygis 2 Tema Moterys

Islam devotes a great deal attention to how women should be treated. The Islamic doctrine of women is antithetical to our Western principles of human equality.

Abridged Kor.jpg

An Abridged Koran: The Reconstructed Historical Koran

tema Koranas tema Trilogija Lygis 2

An Abridged Koran is identical to A Simple Koran, except all of the repetition is removed. Practically speaking, this means that the book is half as long.

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