Tarptautinis politinio islamo studijų centras

A Self-Study Course On Political Islam, Level 2


Lygis 2


You can find opinions about Islam in the mainstream media, but few know the facts of Islamic doctrine and the true nature of Islam—Mohammed and Allah.

A SELF-STUDY COURSE ON POLITICAL ISLAM is based on three of the Islamic source texts: the Koran (Allah’s words), the Sira (biography of Mohammed), and the Hadith (his traditions). If your knowledge comes from these original texts, it can be verified, and your understanding is on firm ground.


The Koran and all Islamic texts are difficult to read by design. But, when the artificial language is stripped away and replaced by simple English, the results are astounding.

We learn that the Islamic ethical system is based on dualism—one set of rules for Muslims and another set of rules for non-Muslims (Kafirs). Islam as a religion was a failure. Only when Mohammed turned to jihad and politics did he have any success.


This three volume self-study course includes fourteen different topics about Islam, with each level covering each topic more in depth than the previous. Some examples of the topics covered are: Mohammed; Jihad; The Christians; Women; Submission and Duality. THE SELF STUDY COURSE ON POLITICAL ISLAM, Levels 1,2,3 will end your confusion about Islam. You will understand what motivates Islamic events in the world and what this means for our civilization. This book is level 2.