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The Islamic Doctrine Of Women


Lygis 2 Tema Moterys

The role of women in Islam is different from our civilization. According to the will of Allah, women are to be subjugated to men in all things. They must lead their lives according to a doctrine that is based on the dictates of the Koran and how Mohammed treated his wives and the other women around him.

THE ISLAMIC DOCTRINE OF WOMEN reveals the details of Mohammed’s life in his home and bedroom where jealousy raged in his harem, how wife beating became a part of Islam after his move to Medina, how the Koran changed the laws of adoption so Mohammed could enjoy his daughter-in-law as a new member of his harem, and how child brides have been a part of Islam ever since Mohammed married six-year-old Aisha.

The ideology found in this book rules hundreds of millions of women’s lives. Find out what their world is like under the Sharia and the Islamic doctrine of women.