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There is no aspect of life that the Sharia does not cover.

The Koran and the Sunna (Mohammed’s perfect pattern of life)are to be followed by all humanity. The trouble is that the Koran and the Sunna are not arranged in a way that allows easy interpretation. The Sharia is the codification of the knowledge of the Koran and Sunna.

Sharia is frequently called law, Sharia law. However, theSharia covers much more than legal issues. It also covers theology, prayer, charity and fasting. There is no aspect of life that the Sharia does not cover. It includes sex, how to say hello, and how to prepare a will.

 One of the most important things about the Sharia is that itis considered to be Allah’s law and is superior to man-made law. Islamic lawshould rule over the Kafir, as well as the Muslim. For example, Muslims makedemands that our culture change to accommodate Islam. Muslim factory workersdemand time off for prayer. During Ramadan fasting, demands are made for Kafirs to not eat in front of Muslims. One of the main fronts for accommodation to Sharia is to establish separate courts for family law. The problem is that the accommodation to the Sharia has no end.

The Sharia has different schools of thought that differ on small issues. However, all of the schools agree on the need for jihad and the inferior status of Christians, Jews, atheists and other Kafirs. Kafirs are forbidden by Sharia to contradict or argue about the Koran and the Sunna or criticize Mohammed. Historically, it is the Sharia which annihilates Christianity and other religions.

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