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If you would like to help further our mission of educating the world about Political Islam, then you must have a proper knowledge of the subject. 

Click the button below to find the materials you will need to educate yourself and then others about the facts of what the politics of Islam mean to us as individuals, families, communities and countries.


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How can you speak so people will listen?

Once you understand how Political Islam works, you can share this knowledge with others successfully. However, if you do not communicate your knowledge skillfully, you will not get this important message across, and your effort may even turn out to be counter-productive.


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We are looking for volunteers for CSPII, critical thinkers who value their culture and freedoms and who want to work with others around the world. 
We need people who share our vision, who are willing to educate themselves on Political Islam using the CSPII Methodology, and who can dedicate time for our work on a regular basis.

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