Center for the Study of Political Islam International


Everything we say has a reference to the Islamic foundational texts found in the Trilogy: Koran, Sira, Hadith. The CSPII Methodology is the easiest and quickest way to learn about Political Islam.

Politics, not Religion

Islam has a political doctrine and a religious doctrine. Its political doctrine ( = Political islam) concerns everyone, while religious doctrine only concerns its practitioners. CSPII deals only with Political Islam, not Muslims.

Kafir-centric point of view

There are three points of view relative to Islam. The point of view depends upon what you believe about Mohammed. If you believe Mohammed is the prophet of Allah, then you are a believer. If you do not believe this, you are a Kafir. The third viewpoint is that of an apologist for Islam. Apologists do not believe that Mohammed was a prophet, but they never say anything that would be critical towards Islam.

The CSPII approaches the Islamic texts from the non-Islamic point of view of the Kafir (non-Muslim). Everything in CSPII books and all other CSPII materials views Islam from the perspective of how Islam affects Kafirs. This also means that the religion is of little importance. A Muslim cares about the religion of Islam, but all Kafirs are affected by Islam’s political views, Political Islam.


There are only two ultimate authorities about Islam—Allah and Mohammed. Allah is found in the Koran. Mohammed is found in the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and in the Hadith (his words and actions). A referencing system allows the reader to verify the book content from the Islamic foundational source texts.

Systemic Knowledge

The easiest way to study Islam is to see the whole picture. For instance, the Koran alone cannot be understood due to a lack of context, but when the life of Mohammed is added, it makes sense.

Levels of Learning (CSPII Books)

The ideas of Political Islam are very foreign to our civilization. It takes repetition to grasp the new ideas. The CSPII Methodology uses four levels of training to teach the doctrine in depth. The first level is designed for a beginner and lays out the entire scope of Islam. Each level and book repeats the basics to ensure in-depth learning. Therefore, each book can be read on its own or as part of the full series.

Scientific Approach

The CSPII Methodology employs a rational, scientific approach with fact-based reasoning to deconstruct the Islamic doctrine. The CSPII uses simple statistics, graphs and categorization to analyze the doctrine. We do not question the truth of the doctrine, we merely examine objectively what is there. We hold this truth to be self evident: Koran + Sira + Hadith (Trilogy) = Islamic Doctrine. To show the doctrine as it really is, the CSPII stresses the importance of precise naming when discussing Political Islam.