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A Self-Study Course On Political Islam 1

Level 1

1. Islam secrets revealed. The self-study course covers fourteen different topics about Islam from three different views.

Sharia Law For Non-Muslims

Level 1

2. Why Islam concerns even non-muslims (Kafirs). Islam is a political system with its own body of laws called Sharia.

Foundations of Islam

Level 1

3. Road map for complete study. Everyone has heard of the Koran, but who can understand it?

The Life Of Mohammed - The Sira

Level 1

4. How it Began. To understand Islam, you must know the life of Mohammed.

The Hadith - The Sunna Of Mohammed

Level 1

5. Tactics for waging Jihad. The Hadith is an easy place to begin learning about Mohammed and Islamic doctrine.

A Two-Hour Koran

Level 1

6. What Kind of God is Allah. Everything is in the right order and the original story has been restored.

Factual Persuasion

Level 2

When you realize the true nature of Islam, you may want to persuade others. Become a winner of debates.

A Self-Study Course On Political Islam 2

Level 2

This is the second level of the Self-Study Course on Political Islam.

The Islamic Doctrine Of Women

Level 2

Islam devotes a great deal attention to how women should be treated. Their role is very different than in our civilization.

The Doctrine Of Slavery

Level 2

You must know the Islamic doctrine of slavery before you can understand slavery.

An Abridged Koran

Level 2

An Abridged Koran is identical to A Simple Koran, except all of the repetition is removed.

The Islamic Doctrine Of Christians And Jews

Level 2

Islam has a detailed doctrine of the Christians and Jews.

A Self-Study Course On Political Islam 3

Level 3

This is the third level of the Self-Study Course on Political Islam.

Mohammed And The Unbelievers

Level 3

Mohammed and the Unbelievers makes the life of Mohammed easy to understand.

Political Traditions Of Mohammed

Level 3

You will learn details about Islam that you never knew existed.

A Simple Koran

Level 3

The reconstructed historical Koran. At last, A Simple Koran that you can read and understand.

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