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Why does CSPI exist?

We are a non-profit, non-political and non- religious international educational movement.

We are certain that only those with knowledge have power to influence our societies in a way that develops us further.

We at CSPI believe that such important knowledge must be accessible to everyone so you can make your own, informed decisions.

CSPI reveals political principles of the Islamic doctrine which have existed for more than 1400 years and, by its own words, is ultimately concerned with all people. These principles are based on entirely different values from ours, making them difficult to understand.

We study three sacred islamic texts called the Trilogy (Sira, Hadith and Quran), which tell us the story of Mohammed and Allah who are the most authoritative experts on Political Islam. All Muslims are commanded to follow the example of Mohammed so we must investigate his life to understand their beliefs.

Our goal is to educate 10% of world’s population about its true nature.

We provide easy to understand information about Political Islam to anyone through a unique four level educational system. It starts from the basics, and each level goes more deeply into the subject. Even after going through the first level, you will be able to debate with other using clear and factual arguments.

We unite critically thinking people who value ideals which define free, secular and tolerant cultures.

We promote rational and objective thought – a way without falling into extreme views.

We translate, publish and disseminate educational material throughout the world.


What can you do?

Our primary goal is education. The first thing you can do is to educate yourselves about the roots of Political Islam and enlighten your friends and family. You can start by signing up for our newsletters while downloading our free Self Study Course level 1 audio book. We encourage you to start studying Political Islam.

Your financial support is another way you can help us in our work. Even small donations, regular or one-time, will make an impact. If you find that our work makes sense and you adopt our goals and attitude, you can become an official CSPI member.

Anyone can always contact us and join our activities which include small tasks as well as complex projects which require different types of expertise. We work with many colleagues all around the world on local and world-wide activities.

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People of CSPI

CSPI is an international organisation which connects people around the world. We are an international community working together with a long term goal of providing easily understood knowledge about the roots of Political Islam and its impact on history.

We promote a way of thinking without falling into extremes.

The ground work was laid by Dr. Bill Warner, president of CSPI, who holds a PhD in physics and mathematics and has had a life-long interest in religion and its effects on history. The day after 9/11 he decided to make the source texts of Islam available for the average person.