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The Relative Sizes of the Trilogy Texts

Koran: 152,006 words. Note: this count will differ with each translation.

Hadith: Bukhari has 645,745 words.

Sira: the Sira has three divisions. There is Mohammed’s life as a prophet and auxiliary material that precedes his prophet-ship and events following his death. The third element is Hisham’s notes. We have a precise word count for Mohammed’s prophet-hood from a scanned version of Guillaume’s The Life of the Muhammad. It covers 579 pages and has a word count of 274,838 words. Since the material from his actual life as a prophet is Sunna, we only use the prophet material.

Total of Koran, Sira (without Sira extras) and Hadith: 1,072,589 words.

As a technical note: if we include the auxiliary material and Hisham, the total word count is estimated to be: 379,700 words.

Relative sizes of Trilogy text
Word Count152,006274,838645,745
Fraction of Total
1,072,589 words

Source documents

Koran Text PDF Hadith Text PDF Sira Text PDF