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Terrorism or Jihad?

The correct words are ‘Political Islam‘ and ‘Jihad‘.

November 26, 2015

Topic Jihad

Media are today full of information about jihadist attacks in Paris. However, most of them use incorrect terminology and don’t call things as they are. This is caused by a low level of knowledge of Islamic doctrine and ignorance of
Political Islam.

1) ‘Islamism’ (as an ideology) and ‘Islamist‘ (as a person practicing ‘Islamism‘) are fabricated terms without real meaning. The correct words are ‘Political Islam‘ and ‘jihadist‘.

  • Political Islam: 51 % of the doctrine of Islam is devoted to Political Islam. Doctrine refers to the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith (which is related to unbelievers, or Kafirs). Therefore, Islam is not only a religion but is also a political ideology.
  • Jihadist: every Muslim should follow the example of Mohammed, which is mentioned 91 times in the Koran. Mohammed was the perfect example of jihadist.

2) Terms ‘terrorism‘ (as a violent act) and ‘terrorist‘ (as a person causing violence) aren’t correct in connection with Political Islam. Correctly, they should be called ‘jihad‘ and ‘jihadist‘. A person doing a violent act based on the doctrine of Political Islam is primarily jihadist and, secondarily, it can be said that the person is a terrorist (in the semantics of western terminology). 31 % of the Islamic doctrine is devoted to jihad.

Jihad in the Doctrine of Political Islam

From Koran:

Koran 2:216 You are commanded to fight (jihad) although you dislike it. You may hate something that is good for you, and love something that is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not.

Koran 4:89 They would have you become Kafirs like them so you will all be the same. Therefore, do not take any of them as friends until they have abandoned their homes to fight for Allah’s cause (jihad). But if they turn back, find them and kill them wherever they are.

Koran 9:29 Make war on those who have received the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and His messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax (jizya) and they are humiliated.

Koran 4:95 Believers who stay at home in safety, other than those who are disabled, are not equal to those who fight with their wealth and their lives for Allah’s cause (jihad).

Koran 8:41 Know that a fifth of all your spoils of war belong to Allah, to His messenger, to the messenger’s family, the orphans, and needy travelers.

From Sira (biography of prophet Mohammed):

M448 After all the victories, some Muslims said that the days of fighting were over and even began to sell their arms. But Mohammed forbid this, saying, ‘There shall not cease from the midst of my people a party engaged in fighting for the truth, until the Antichrist appears.’ Jihad was recognized as the normal state of affairs. (Bill Warner: The Life of Mohammed – the Sira)

I690 The captives were taken into Medina. They dug trenches in the market place of Medina. It was a long day, but 800 Jews were beheaded that day. Mohammed and his twelve-year-old wife, Aisha, sat and watched the slaughter the entire day and into the night. The Apostle of Allah had every male Jew killed. (Bill Warner: The Life of Mohammed – the Sira)

From Hadith (prophet Mohammed’s traditions):

[Muslim 001,0031] Mohammed: ‚I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that they believe I am His prophet and accept all revelations spoken through me. When they do these things I will protect their lives and property unless otherwise justified by Sharia, in which case their fate lies in Allah’s hands.’

[Bukhari 4,52,142] Mohammed: ‘To battle Kafirs in jihad for even one day is greater than the entire earth and everything on it. A spot in Paradise smaller than your riding crop is greater than the entire earth and everything on it. A day or a night’s travel in jihad is greater than the entire world and everything on it.’

[Bukhari 4,52,96] Mohammed: ‘Anyone who arms a jihadist is rewarded just as a fighter would be; anyone who gives proper care to a holy warrior’s dependents is rewarded just as a fighter would be.’

[Bukhari 1,2,35] Mohammed said, ‘The man who joins jihad, compelled by nothing except sincere belief in Allah and His Prophets, and survives, will be rewarded by Allah either in the afterlife or with the spoils of war. If he is killed in battle and dies a martyr, he will be admitted into Paradise.’


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