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Statement Related to France Jihad Attack

June 17, 2016

Topic Jihad

Once again, a terrible act of violent jihad has taken place in France, leaving scores of people brutally killed or grievously injured. This horrific event offers us yet another opportunity to speak the truth about the political doctrine at the heart of Islam. If this essential truth is not addressed, jihad will always "surprise" its victims, and our media will call it "terrorism", "Islamism", "an attack", "a hate crime", etc. The longer we ignore the incontrovertible source of this behavior, the greater the risk to future generations. Let us pinpoint the source and speak boldly about it. Let us educate as many people as possible. This is the only way to prevent further violent jihad.

To understand the nature of these acts, let us first clarify those things that are not the causes. Those who blame "Radical Islam" misunderstand Islamic doctrine. Such acts are not radical, but noble acts of jihad. Every Muslim should behave according to the example of the prophet Mohammed, whom the Koran defines 91 times as the superior example. To that end, Mohammed was involved in a violent event every six weeks for the last nine years of his life.

"Islamism" is another empty term, but one chosen by many in deference to political correctness. It suggests that such barbaric acts are contrary to basic Islam, which is not true. Everything that happened in France is in totally unity with the political doctrine of Islam (comprised by the tripartite authority of the Koran, the life of Mohammed profiled in the Sira, and the traditions of Mohammed compiled in the Hadith).

What we call "hate crimes" are standard and acceptable attitudes towards Kafirs (non-Muslims) as justified by Allah according his prophet Mohammed. Kafirs can be hated, terrorized, enslaved, deceived, raped, mocked, beheaded, annihilated, robbed, and humiliated. Islamic sources variously refer to Kafirs by different names - liars, evil, partners of Satan, unclean, cursed, arrogant, blind, and ignorant.

Ultimately, the killing of non-Muslims is explicitly encouraged and justified in the three standard sources of Islamic doctrine. The most recent cruel jihadi attack was made entirely in keeping with the example of the prophet Mohammed and his god Allah.

So what is the real cause of the jihadi attack? Political Islam. 51% of the three authoritative Islamic sources refer to non-Muslims, which means that while 49% of Islam is mainly religious, the rest is politics. Mohammed and Allah are an inseparable part of Political Islam, being the creators and initiators of violent jihad. In concrete terms, 31% of the trilogy (9% of Koran, 67% of Sira and 21% of Hadith) is about jihad. While Muslims claim that there is a "greater jihad" related to inner spiritual struggle and that the killing jihad is the "lesser jihad", the bulk of the literature speaks to the contrary. 98% of all jihad hadiths (Sahih al-Bukhari) call killing jihad ("lesser jihad") the best action.

The terrible act in France is utterly heartbreaking. We have to arm ourselves with proper arguments and join the informational war. The only chance of preventing future acts of violence is to understand the nature of violent jihad. Recognizing authentic Islamic doctrine means that we will be able to predict the future, because jihadist act entirely predictably. Thus, sharing this information will save lives around the whole world.

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