Center for the Study of Political Islam International

Statement Regarding Attacks in Paris

November 15, 2015

Topic Jihad

We certainly all remember the events in January, when we heard about the attacks against the editors of Charlie Hebdo. This assault against free speech in Europe left us shaken. Yesterday’s attacks in Paris claimed more than ten times the amount of victims and Europe is shocked once again.

After each terrorist attack, representatives of different countries express horror and how they do not understand how something so terrible could have happened. This confusion stems from inability to name the cause of terrorist attacks. The political doctrine of Islam is the cause. Until we are as a society able to openly state this, we are going to be caught off guard by similar attacks over and over again and we will not be able to prevent them from happening.

A usual political reaction to a terrorist attack is the promise to strengthen secret service and other security forces. While these statements might soothe some citizens, they will not change a lot about the actual situation. No security force can protect the public space against all terrorist attacks. Let us remember how many promises about increased protection we heard in January and how many victims need to be buried in Paris ten months later.

Such a sad moment begs a question: What is the best way to honor the memory of the deceased? Wreaths and candles do not suffice. We should learn from the event. CSPI emphasizes several essential points:

  • We should understand that terrorist attacks themselves are neither a goal, nor the cause of the problem. The political doctrine of Islam is the cause of the problem. Its main goal is for all people around the world to submit to Islam and acknowledge that Allah is the only god and Mohammed is his messenger. As a significant authoritative hadith says: “Mohammed: I have been commanded to fight against people, till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me (that) I am the messenger (from the Lord) and in all that I have brought. [...]” (Muslim 001,0031) The tool leading to this goal is jihad. There are many forms of jihad and terror is one of them.
  • We cannot forget the role of submission in Islam. The word “Islam” itself means “submission”. Every person has to sooner or later submit to Allah. One of the ways to achieving this is evoking fear in the unbelievers. Surrendering to fear means submitting and therefore fulfilling the terrorist’s objectives.
  • We have to show courage. Not only as a society, but also as individuals. Because the change begins with each single person. Many of us would rather believe that all religions are full of love and lead to self-actualization. It is, however, not easy to find the courage, use critical thinking to evaluate the political doctrine of Islam and ask whether it leads the believers to understanding or to hatred.
  • We should be courageous in front of others. We must not be afraid to tell the truth just because it could offend someone. Freedom of speech is more important than any person’s hurt feelings. Unless we find the courage to stand up for our values, we are risking them.
  • Last but not least, we should not fall prey to easy solutions. Jihad in Europe is for sure going to provoke reactions. There are going to be people who will attack all Muslims. However, outbursts of anger are an expression of weakness rather than strength and harm the debate leading to the solution of the situation. In order to protect our society, it is important to unite, not turn against one another.

The problem is not the Muslims, but the political demands of Islam and endless Western tolerance (or better indifference) as the answer to it. If we can only show courage to name the problem and speak about it openly, perhaps we will also encourage millions of Muslims around the world to honestly look at the sources of Islam – the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith. In these texts, jihad against unbelievers is repeatedly praised as the highest of deeds.

Mohammed said, "To guard Muslims from Kafirs (infidels) in jihad for one day is better than the world and whatever is on its surface, and a place in Paradise as small as that occupied by the whip of one of you is better than the world and whatever is on its surface; and a morning's or an evening's journey which a slave (person) travels in Allah's Cause (jihad) is better than the world and whatever is on its surface." (Bukhari 4,52,142)

We must not be afraid to talk about political Islam openly and without emotions. Talk about the suffering it brings both to Muslims and non-Muslims. That way, we will shed light upon the cause of the problem. This is not going to be an easy way anymore. Nevertheless, if we immediately start reacting with courage and understanding, an array of future victims can be spared.

If the leading elites do not adopt a decisive position and again declare, that the events in Paris were an isolated action of a few deranged individuals, future attacks will take us by surprise again. If we insist that the Islamic doctrine is flawless and its political demands legitimate, we will confirm the terrorists’ premise. Unless we focus on the cause of the problem and not only dealing with the consequences, we will not be able to protect Europe as we have known it.

In order to truly honor the memory of innocent victims from Paris, we must find the courage to recognize political Islam.


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