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Political Islam: A New Point of View

Islam is both: a religion and a political system

November 17, 2015

Islam is a political system that has subjugated civilizations for 1400 years.

We must know Islam to defeat political Islam.

Islam is both a religion and a political system. It is the political system that affects everyone, Muslims and non-Mus­lims. It is the political system that needs to be addressed by non-Muslims. Islamic politics are outlined in the life of Mohammed and his traditions. The Koran declares that Mohammed is the perfect pattern of life. Political Islam is mostly determined by the example of Mohammed as found in 3 books - the Koran, the Sira (his biography) and Hadith (traditions). Until you know Mohammed, you cannot know Islam.

Differing Points of View

There is a tacit social assumption that only a Muslim's point of view about Islam is the "right" view. However, over half of Islams doctrine is about the non-Muslim, the Kafir. This means the non-Muslim has a unique point of view, that is quite different from the Muslim, who is to subjugate the Kafir. As an example, on several occasions Mohammed had enemies assassinated. For Muslims this was a triumph, since the enemies had denied the prophet-hood of Mohammed. For Kafirs it was an act of evil. Apologists might say that others have done worse. By definition, these points of view cannot be resolved, but all sides must be heard in the marketplace of ideas.

Separating religion from politics

The Islamic religion itself is of no consequence to Non-Muslims. However, the politics of Islam is of the greatest im­portance. For example, prayer is a religious act, but demanding that rooms in public schools be set aside and work stopped for prayer is a political act. When Muslims pressure us to change work, play, schools and culture, those are political demands. If we reject these political demands, as is our right, there is no religious consequence to Muslims.

How can you know Mohammed and political Islam?

Analytical techniques simplify the books that portray Mohammed. Reading the biography and traditions of Mo­hammed can be done in a week. Once you realize that the entire purpose of Islam is to reproduce Mohammed, the perfect Muslim, then you will see that it is the political doctrine that must be dealt with, not Muslims, or the reli­gion.

What to do?

Teach yourself the doctrine and history of political Islam.

Publicly call attention to the human rights atrocities created by Islam's political ide­ology. Tell others to read these books and focus on the politics of Islam, not the religion.

To remain silent in the suffering of persecuted Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists is to side with the oppressors and participate in evil. We must tell their stories until the world weeps. We must demand a call to action at the government level to refuse to tolerate these opposing acts of freedom.


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