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Newsletter January 2019

January 18, 2019

Topic Women

"Allah has made men superior to women because men spend their wealth to support them. Therefore, virtuous women are obedient, and they are to guard their unseen parts as Allah has guarded them. As for women whom you fear will rebel, admonish them first, and then send them to a separate bed, and then beat them. But if they are obedient after that, then do nothing further; surely Allah is exalted and great!" Koran 4:34


Woman threatened with knife and raped


On 3 November 2018, a woman was raped in Fürth. A Turkish man threatened her with a knife while she was taking a walk. Then the stranger pulled the woman into the bushes and raped her. According to the police, the victim came to a hospital with physical injuries and in shock for treatment.

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Family tortures daughter because she's fallen in love


The 17-year-old daughter of a Syrian family has fallen in love. When her father Mohamed heard about it, the girl was locked up at home for three days, had neither food nor drink, was kicked in the face with feet and was supposed to lick the toilet bowl clean with her tongue. Afterwards she was also kidnapped and was to be forcibly married in Syria by her family. The parents and the brother were sentenced to probation.

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Father wanted to prevent his daughter's wedding with gunfire


A 44-year-old man with Turkish roots refused to marry his daughter to a Kurd. He shot the Kurd several times with an air gun and seriously injured him. The man had already threatened in advance that the matter would be settled with blood.

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15-year-old girl raped by six men


A 15-year-old girl is said to have been raped successively by several men in September. According to police, the 17-year-old main suspect and four other arrested suspects are Afghans.

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Hundreds of cases: Number of forced marriages in Berlin on the rise


In 2017, 570 cases of attempted or committed forced marriage became known in Berlin. This is 19 percent more than stated in the last survey in 2013. Experts assume that the number of unreported cases is much higher. According to the survey results, 83 percent of those affected had a Muslim background. "The available data on those affected also give rise to fears that the influx of people from Muslim countries in recent years will lead to a further increase," says Falko Liecke, Neukölln's deputy district mayor.

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Two men alleged to have abused 15-year-old girl


Two men allegedly sexually abused a 15-year-old girl in a public toilet in Königs Wusterhausen. One of the two suspects is still unknown. An arrest warrant has been issued against the second suspect, a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan.

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Father tried to kill daughter for talking to strange men


A Turkish father tried to kill his daughter because she was talking to strange men - which he saw as an attack on the "family honor". He injured her in the shop where she worked with a knife on her throat and belly. While bystanders tried to stop the daughter's bleeding with handkerchiefs, the father called her a "whore" and spat in her direction.

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17-year-old girl killed by man of Kenyan descent


A 17-year-old girl was found dead on Sunday in a communal shelter for refugees and homeless people of the city of Sankt Augustin. A man of Kenyan descent with a German and a Kenyan passport (19) confessed on Monday to be responsible for her death. The suspect had met the victim Friday and was with her in a pub, she later accompanied him to the shelter where he lived. There, on Saturday night, an argument had arisen, in the course of which the man had become violent. The 17-year-old died.

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15-year-old girl sexually abused in refugee home


In Augsburg, a 15-year-old girl is said to have been sexually abused by several young men in a refugee shelter. Apparently the girl was raped twice. The schoolgirl had previously met a 17-year-old Afghan and accompanied him to the shelter.

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Rape in Freiburg: Tenth suspect arrested


About two months after the alleged group rape in Freiburg, police have arrested a tenth suspect. The suspect is an 18-year-old Algerian. Nine suspects had already been arrested, a 25 year old German and eight Syrians between the ages of 18 and 29.

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Man stabs pregnant woman in clinic – unborn baby dies


During an attack on a pregnant woman in a hospital in Bad Kreuznach, the unborn child was so badly injured that it died a short time later. The 25-year-old woman had been life-threateningly injured by the stabs on Friday evening and had to undergo emergency surgery. The suspect is a 25-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Before he stabbed her, he had an argument with the victim.

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Sexual exploitation of British Sikh girls by Muslim men has been 'ignored' by police due to 'political correctness'


Gangs of mainly Pakistani men have preyed on British Sikh girls for decades, a bombshell report has revealed. The girls have been groomed by Muslim men in a horrifying cycle of sexual exploitation ever since the 1960s, according to the Sikh Mediation and Rehabilitation Team charity. But shockingly the police often turned a blind eye because of “political correctness”. The study - backed by a Labour MP - found police had “recklessly ignored” complaints.

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Jailed rapist who fathered a child with his 15-year-old grooming-gang victim is invited by social workers to be involved in the boy's upbringing


A traumatised woman who was raped by a member of a Pakistani grooming gang and became pregnant with his child was left 'extremely distressed' after social workers tried to help him get in contact with her son. In the 'perverse' decision by the unnamed local authority, staff approached a jailed sex attacker and offered him help to be involved in his son's upbringing, without notifying his mother.

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Young girls in Finland are increasingly groomed and abused by adult migrant men – Police issue warning


Oulu police have recently been informed of dozens of cases of adult men attempting to lure young girls online. Police are saying that men with foreign-backgrounds and poor Finnish-language skills are contacting “significantly younger” girls in the area, resulting in aggravated sexual abuse. There are currently three cases of migrant men suspected of sexually abusing children in Oulu. One such case involved sexually exploiting a 10-14 year old girl over several months and in all of the cases the rapes and sexual abuse were against children under the age of 15. In all of the cases, the suspects are refugees or asylum seekers.

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Afghan refugee 'stabbed 16-year-old Austrian girlfriend to death in her bedroom'


An Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his 16-year-old Austrian girlfriend to death. The girl's family said there were repeated arguments between the couple as the Afghan national tried to limit his girlfriend's actions and banned her from talking to other men.

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Saber A. ice cold: confession without signs of remorse


After the pressure of the search on the 17-year-old Saber A. after the murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend in Steyr in Upper Austria has apparently become too large, the Afghan has given himself up to the police on Tuesday. The same day he made a first confession - without a sign of regret.

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17-year-old girl apparently raped by Afghan


A 17-year-old woman from Linz said that she had had sex with a bouncer in the old town of Linz during the night on Saturday and then stayed alone in his bed. Then the apartment tenant coming home, an Afghan (23), who is said to have raped the young woman despite massive resistance.

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Western lifestyle: Woman kidnapped by own brothers


Two brothers from Chechnya are accused of kidnapping their own sister. The 22-year-old woman had severed all ties with her family because she was to marry a man from Chechnya and dress modestly in public. She had initially invented to have been raped because she hoped the family would outcast her.  When that didn't work, she fled and changed her name. The brothers, however, tracked her down and kidnapped her. The police freed her.

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Murder of woman: children had to witness crime


A man of Turkish origin stabbed his wife to death; three children (1, 3, 9) had to witness the blood crime. The couple was known in the village, she had converted to Islam and was veiled. Apparently the woman was thinking about a separation. The suspected 37-year-old was targeted by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. According to witnesses, the man went from house to house, stood at crossroads, wanted to convince other people of his faith. The man is also said to have been seen at Christmas markets and to have said to punch drinkers: "Dump that, dump that".

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Afghan sexually assaults young girl in Belgium "because of Ramadan"


A 25-year-old Afghan has been found guilty by the court of Mechelen for sexually assaulting a minor in Lier, Belgium. At the station in Lier, the adult man sexually assaulted her. He pinched the little girl’s buttocks, licked and kissed her and grabbed her between her legs. The man said he "was frustrated by the strict rules of the Ramadan".

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18-year-old apostate flees Saudi Arabia because she fears death and torture


Rahaf Mohammed al Kunun, an 18-year-old woman from Saudi Arabia, tried to flee from her family via Bangkok to Australia. In her home country, she said, she was threatened with torture and death. She had renounced Islam – which is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia -, she feared a forced marriage and her family tortured her. She had been locked up in a room for half a year after she had cut her hair.

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From the Koran:

2:223 Your women are your plowed fields: go into your fields when you like, but do some good deed beforehand and fear Allah. Keep in mind that you will meet Him. Give good news to the believer.

4:3 If you fear that you will not be able to deal with orphan girls fairly, marry other women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if you fear that you cannot treat them equally, then marry only one, or any of the slave-girls you have acquired. This will prevent you from being unjust.

From the Sira of Ishaq (Mohammed’s biography):

Ishaq 969:

Allah allows you to put them [women] in separate rooms and to beat them but not with severity. If they refrain from these things they have the right to their food and clothing with kindness. Lay injunctions on women kindly, for they are prisoners with you having no control of their persons.

From the Sahih Bukhari:

Volume 3, Book 48, Number 826:

Mohammed asked, “Is not the value of a woman’s eye-witness testimony half that of a man’s?” A woman said, ”Yes.” He said, “That is because a woman’s mind is deficient.”

Volume 4, Book 54, Number 460:

Mohammed: “If a man asks his wife for sex and she refuses, causing him to go to sleep angry, the angels will curse her the entire night.

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 219:

During the battle of Al-Jamal, Mohammed heard the news that the people of Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their ruler. On this, he said, “A nation that makes a woman their ruler will never succeed.”

From the Sunan Abu Dawood:

Abu Dawud 11, 2142:

Mohammed said: "A man will not be aked as to why he beat his wife."


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