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Newsletter December 2018

December 22nd, 2018

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Europe is witnessing a rise in Islamic supremacism, demands for Sharia, and violent intimidation. Laws passed by European states, and resolutions in universities and other organizations have stifled free speech. While limiting criticism of Islam, authorities have failed to prevent Islamic preachers inciting violence against women and Jews, and have tolerated public calls for the murder of those who insult Islam. Islam has become a protected minority.


"Calling Mohammed a Pedophile Not Covered by Free Speech, European Court Rules"


"Europe’s top human rights court has ruled that comments about Mohammed having pedophilic tendencies are not covered by the right to freedom of expression, agreeing with the assessment of courts in Austria that the remarks constituted 'an abusive attack on the prophet of Islam which could stir up prejudice and threaten religious peace'."

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EU proposal would see migrant-averse countries show 'solidarity' by paying up


European Union governments that refuse to host refugees could instead pay to be excused from the bloc's system of sharing out migrants, France and Germany proposed on Thursday as they sought to end a long-running EU feud over migration. According to a document circulated to EU interior ministers in Brussels and seen by Reuters, the plan would still make hosting migrants an obligation for the bloc's governments, but exceptions could be made if countries made "alternative measures of solidarity."

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"Draw Mohammed" contest cancelled


This November was meant to be the month for MP Geert Wilders’ second “Draw Mohammed” contest, but Islamic law won a de facto victory over Dutch law as Wilders announced the contest’s cancellation. When -- among many other threats similar attacks -- a 19-year-old Afghan stabbed two American tourists in Amsterdam, citing the planned contest as motive, Wilders canceled the event out of concern about further violence. The Jihadists had made their point: “Having the law on your side makes no difference. Do what we want, or somebody is going to get hurt.”

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Christmas called 'winter celebration' in Swedish media


Twitter has rebuked one of Sweden’s leading regional dailies, being accused of ‘political correctness gone too far’. The offending published report was by Sydsvenskan, and described how Malmö is preparing for Christmas celebrations amidst the need for more security than in the past. The newspaper chose to call it “winter celebration” instead of Christmas.

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Quarrel about "halal" lunch at elementary school


At a Hamburg elementary school, a dispute over religiously correct lunch supply has escalated. The chairman of the parents' council is said to have demanded to offer only "halal" meat, which comes from animals which were slaughtered according to Islamic standards. As then numerous parents turned against the demand, it came to an open dispute. As a result, the school temporarily changed the lunch catering to vegetarian food.

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Islam Institute: veto of student representatives rejected


The controversial Islam Institute at the Humboldt University in Berlin will be established. Student representatives had tried to stop it by going to court. They criticize the "conservative-reactionary orientation" of the Institute. The claim of the student representatives was rejected on the basis of an interim injunction. Since the Advisory Board of the university has already decided to set up the Institute, the application to repeal the proposal for a resolution and to call the Conciliation Committee is futile.

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German Central Council of Muslims demands nationwide training of imams financed partially by state


The Central Council of Muslims demands the parallel training of imams in universities and mosque communities. Such a model creates among others the possibility that the costs are shared between the state and the community. The model is also advocated by Lower Saxony's Minister of Science Björn Thümler.

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Evangelical Church wants to intensify dialogue with Islam


The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) wants to intensify interreligious dialogue with Islam. "The dialogue between people of different beliefs is indispensable for the peaceful and constructive organization of living together in a plural society," says a position paper presented by the Council of the EKD in Berlin.

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Verdict: Visit of suspicious mosque no obstacle to obtaining German citizenship


A German court ruled that the repeated visit of a mosque observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is not alone a reason to refuse the visitor naturalization (obtaining German citizenship). The city of Bremen had previously rejected the naturalization application of a foreigner because, according to observations by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, he had visited the Friday prayer of the Islamic Cultural Centre (IKZ) 17 times between 2009 and 2013 and had also donated money there. The ICZ has long been regarded as a meeting place for "fundamentalist Salafists".

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Green party in Berlin wants to allow teachers to wear headscarves


The Green party in Berlin is trying to soften the neutrality law. Justice Senator Dirk Behrendt wants to introduce an anti-discrimination law. Its aim is to "reflect the diversity of Berlin society" also in schools, for example by allowing a Muslim teacher to teach with a headscarf.

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DITIB will probably not be observed by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution


The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), one of the largest Islamic organizations in Germany, was targeted by the German domestic intelligence service. DITIB distributed propaganda against Kurds and Non-Muslims and war [jihad] and martyrs were paid homage in many of their mosques. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution seemed willing to monitor the headquarters of the association with about 900 mosques in Germany. Now, however, the assessment of the German constitutional protectors has changed. It is likely that there will be no observation.

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Father not allowed in children swim group out of consideration for Muslim women


A German father, who regularly went to a mother-child meeting with his daughter and although a man, was always welcome by the mothers. He is now excluded from their meeting. When a trip to the public swimming pool was planned, the meeting's leader sent the man a message that it would be good if he did not come for the swim, out of consideration for the Muslim women.

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Council approves mosque construction plans in Dortmund


Two new mosques with dome and minaret will be built in Dortmund. Although the district council voted against the construction, another council ("Rat”) gave the green light for the construction with the votes of SPD, CDU, Greens and leftists. Uta Schütte-Haermeyer of the Greens sees the construction of the mosques as a "positive sign for the willingness to integrate".

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Crypto firm gets Islamic finance certification for sharia-compliant stablecoin


Switzerland-based fintech firm X8 AG has received a certification from the Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) for its Ethereum-based stablecoin. SRB is a leading Sharia consultancy and audit firm licensed by the central bank of Bahrain. As part of its plans to expand its business to the Middle East, X8 reportedly plans to launch a crypto exchange that would include a Sharia-compliant trading platform.

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The first Sharia-compliant robo-adviser launches in the UK


Islamic finance is one of the fastest expanding financial services sectors in the UK with specialist savings and loans products now widely available. There are six standalone Islamic banks and 20 conventional banks offering Sharia-compliant financial products and services in the UK at present. Now the first Sharia-compliant robo-adviser, Wahed Invest, has launched in the UK, allowing savers to invest in “ethically responsible stocks”, Islamic bonds called sukuk and gold.

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New study suggests to fight islamphobia also by letting Muslims act in TV series


"A lot was written about Czech xenophobia and fear of Islam and Muslims in recent years. However, it lacked a comprehensive overview of how the Czechs think about the Muslims, how they see them and how the negative picture could change. A new study, presented by its authors in Prague, shows different forms of fear of Islam in different European countries and ways to confront them."

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The Islamization of the classroom is a rule rather than an exception


The forecasts regarding demographic developments in Austria are alarming. “Conservative Islam” will become even more important in the future, while the enlightened values ​​of the Christian West will continue to be marginalized. In many areas of everyday life, one can already speak of complete Islamization.

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From the Koran:

9:29 Make war on those who have received the Scriptures [Jews and Christians] but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax [jizya] and they are humiliated.

8:12 Then your Lord spoke to His angels and said, “I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the Kafirs’ hearts, cut off their heads and the tips of their fingers!”

33:60 They [Kafrs] will be cursed, and wherever they are found, they will be seized and murdered. It was Allah’s same practice with those who came before them, and you will find no change in Allah’s ways.

From the Sahih Muslim:

Book 1, Number 31:

Mohammed: “I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that they believe I am His prophet and accept all revelations spoken through me. When they do these things I will protect their lives and property unless otherwise justified by Sharia, in which case their fate lies in Allah’s hands.”

From the Sahih Bukhari:

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 196:

Mohammed: “I have been directed to fight the Kafir until every one of them admits, ‘There is only one god and that is Allah.’ Whoever says, ‘There is only one god and that is Allah,’ his body and possessions will be protected by me except for violations of Islamic law, in which case his fate is with Allah, to be punished or forgiven, as He sees fit.”

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 142:

Mohammed: “To battle Kafirs in jihad for even one day is greater than the entire earth and everything on it. A spot in Paradise smaller than your riding crop is greater than the entire earth and everything on it. A day or a night’s travel in jihad is greater than the entire world and everything on it.

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176:

Mohammed: Muslims will fight with the Jews until some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will betray them saying, “Slave of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me; kill him.


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