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Global Compact for Migration – Global Impact on Western Civilisation

November 10, 2018

Topic Hijra

Global Compact on Migration creates favourable routes for Islamic migration.  Thus, it is essential to know the Islamic political principle of hijra (Islamic migration). Hijra follows the example set by Mohammed and referred to in the Koran. Hijra is socially and economically beneficial to Islam. If not resisted by legal means, it is the way to gradually annihilate the non-Islamic host culture and replace it with an Islamic civilisation.

Koran 2:218: "Indeed, those who have believed and those who have emigrated and fought in the cause of Allah – those expect the mercy of Allah. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful." (see also Koran 8:72, 9:20)

Hijra Legal Pathway

In 1973, Economic European Community and the Arab League established the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD). Under the name of dialogue, they created a political and legal superstructure that encompasses the entire Euro-Arab relationship. Among other agreements, migration was addressed as an important component of the relationships, and it was demanded by the Arab Association:

’The association requires European governments to arrange legal provisions concerning the free movement... and respect for the fundamental rights of immigrant workers in Europe: these rights must be equivalent to those of national citizens.’

Action Plan by Global Compact and forth-coming impact on Western civilisation

The overall goal is to establish regular migration. “Regular Migration” is mentioned 25 times in the Pact. The summary of the objectives and actions identify a migrant as not a subject to European Law, European Law has to change to simplify the process of arrival and settlement of migrants according to their culture.

List of Objectives of interest with extension commentaries:

  • Objective 4 action f – absence of migrants’ nationality will not be a constraint, although it creates obstacles in identifying justified migration
  • Objective 5 – “Enhance availability and flexibility of pathways for regular migration"
  • Objective 7 action a – existing relevant policies may have to change according to migrants‘ Sharia demands
  • Objective 7 action b – Islam is recognised as a religion and therefore protection of their human rights will be done according to Islamic values
  • Objective 11 action f – in case of relevant laws and regulations are amended accordingly, it obliges to accept illegal migration, while discrimination becomes the tool to argue in favour of any migrant
  • Objective 15 action e – facilitates Sharia-compliant health service 
  • Objective 16 action c – secures family reunification thus enlarging migration by times 
  • Objective 17 / 33 – no critical thinking is allowed towards migrants’ behaviour, criticism is strongly condemned
  • Objective 17 action a – targeting and condemning free speech, migrants are by default innocent and victims
  • Objective 17 action c – control over mass media, reporting censorship, it is not the facts which are reported but portraying migration as only positive while leaving other media with no support and funds
  • Objective 17 action g – migration must be promoted in the context of electoral campaigns
  • Objective 20 action i – sets the foundation for Sharia banking

The Global Compact establishes a steady process of Islamisation of the UN members while undermining the existing legal framework of the sovereignty of their States. It uses non-discriminatory foundation actions to ensure the dominance of Islamic migration, Hijra, with the time-line envisaged by the Arab Association and eventually will lead to an Islamic demographic conquest of the host country.


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