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Nobody in CSPII team is paid but we have to cover the cost of external services, IT resources, lecture hall rentals and other things. Help us to achieve our goal by donating.


You can help us and work on specific one-time jobs or long-term projects:

  • Book translations
  • Short videos or animations
  • Subtitles
  • Fundraising
  • Organizing a talk with our lecturers
  • Specific short-term IT project
  • Posting articles
  • Writing to politicians

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We are looking for critically thinking idealists who want to peacefully defend our culture and freedoms by education. We need people who share our vision and style, are willing to educate themselves in the basics of Political Islam and dedicate their personal time to regular activity like:

  • Teaching others about Political Islam
  • Taking care of accounting and fundraising
  • Researching topics in depth and publishing articles
  • Translating articles, books, subtitles and documents
  • Taking care of legal affairs to protect our work
  • Supporting our team and managing administration
  • Working with media, presentations and marketing
  • Developing websites and internal systems
  • Book publishing and/or sales process

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