Center for the Study of Political Islam



Our Vision of the World

The doctrine of Political Islam is known and understood throughout the world. Political Islam is taught in public and non-Muslim schools as a totalitarian system. “Tears of Jihad” museums are built around the world, dedicated to the more than 270 million people who died due to Political Islam. Everyone knows exactly who Mohammed was and what he did to non-Muslims. It is socially unacceptable to follow his example in non-Muslim societies.


The Franchise Spreads

The term and understanding of Political Islam is being adopted by political parties in many European countries. We are already active in 13 countries and new ones are eager to join.

This year, we are finalizing the framework for kicking off the Social Franchise system.


First Expansion to Other Countries

Almost immediately, many volunteers join CSPI International to devote their time and financial support to the idea.

After only a few months, the team expands to five countries and we distribute thousands of books worldwide.

Very quickly it becomes clear that we need a flexible, yet united way to expand even faster and further while being able to protect the quality of our work and our unique methodology.


The Foundation of CSPI International

An idea emerges of an organization based on protecting our humanistic approach to solving problems.

The groundwork is laid to develop a system around the central vision and mission of Bill Warner's approach.

CSPI International is officially founded in October 2014 by Bill Warner and Milan Podlipný with the HQ in the Czech Republic.


An Idea Is Born

Milan Podlipný finds videos of Bill Warner on the internet. He is amazed by his good style and the clarity and simplicity of the concept of Political Islam.

It is immediately clear to him that the world needs to be educated about this historically unique idea so that it is possible to publicly discuss the threat of Political Islam to Western Civilization. Without it, there is a risk of politicians and citizens falling into extreme ways of thinking and acting.


Breaking Point

After the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Dr. Bill Warner realizes that he lives in a world where almost no one knows the doctrine of Islam. His study of Islam started over 40 years ago so he decides to devote his life to educating the world about Political Islam.

Dr. Warner starts Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) in the USA. A few years later he publishes his first books, videos and audio-books and he becomes a personality known worldwide.