Center for the Study of Political Islam

CSPI International

is a volunteer-based, non-profit educational organization that translates and publishes books, provides training and lectures, does research, and offers the ability to connect with like-minded people worldwide who want to be active.

The CSPII is interested only in the ideology of Political Islam, not in the religion or its members. Our organization values rational thought and debate about political ideas. The world has a new tool to deal with Islam – fact-based reasoning and a knowledgeable, active community.

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2050: Our Vision of the World

The doctrine of Political Islam is known and understood throughout the world. Political Islam is taught in public and non-Muslim schools as a totalitarian system. “Tears of Jihad” museums are built around the world, dedicated to the more than 270 million people who died due to Political Islam. Everyone knows exactly who Mohammed was and what he did to non-Muslims. It is socially unacceptable to follow his political example in non-Muslim societies.



CSPI will prevent a violent civilizational world war through the education of politicians, intellectuals, media and the general public about the doctrine of Political Islam. We believe that knowing the politics of Islam will change the attitude of non-Muslims and generate useful ideas on how to win an ideological war.



We unite all people who want to peacefully defend their culture and freedoms. We provide hope to all humanity as we persuade others that our Civilization is better than the Islamic one. We believe in the values listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which includes all people, with no exception.



We will open CSPII Social Franchises across all non-Islamic countries, as well as increase the numbers of CSPII City Groups in every large city across the world. We will educate 10% of the world’s non-Muslim population, as 10% is the percentage when knowledge becomes mainstream and accepted by the majority of people.


Bill Warner

Dr. Bill Warner

Founder, President
Milan Podlipny

Milan Podlipný

Founder, Vice-president and CEO
Nikoletta Incze

Nikoletta Incze

Chief Ambassador